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Savo_logoSavo Vocational College

Kuopio, Finland

Savo Vocational College (SVC) is the biggest VET provider in Eastern Finland with over 1000 staff and more than 8000 students a year. SVC provides training both for the young and the adults. In addition to traditional VET programmes, SVC offers a variety of training programmes for people at risk of social exclusion, such as long-term unemployed, migrants, refugees and disabled persons alike.

SAVO Consortium for Education



vuxenAdult Education Centre of Korsholm

Mustasaari, Finland

The Adult Education Centre of Korsholm provides education as a complement to compulsory school and university studies. It has various courses for various groups of people with special needs, during daytime and evening. Your motto is something for everybody!



ender Ender Engelsiz Yaşam Derneği

Ankara, Turkey

Ender Engelsiz Yasam Association is a Turkish national association with over 100 members in Ankara. Members consist of disabled and non-disabled adults. The scope of the association is based on education of art, sport, computer programs, foreign language and web designing. Specifically, the association is active in education and acquiring profession for visually, physically, hearing disabled adults.



e-viaE-VIA | Palco de Sombras

Lisbon, Portugal

E-VIA / Palco de Sombras is a Portuguese organization that acts as a platform of experts in communication and education-training to create products that meet the specific needs of personal development and social intervention. It cooperates with social economy organizations working with persons at risk of social exclusion and disabled people.



cene_stupar_logo_maliCene Stupar

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Cene Štupar – Centre for Continuing Education is one of the biggest institutions for continuing education in Slovenia. It organizes basic skills educational programmes and several courses of vocational and technical education. Also organizes training for functional literacy for mentally disabled people.



drc De-Charles Resources Limited

London, United Kingdom

De-Charles Resources Ltd (DCR) was founded in 2001 as an employment agency for teachers and care workers in London. The organisation has successfully carried out research that looked into the role of ICT in teaching mathematics and English to children with special needs/learning disabilities.