Family life Centres in Turkey

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First of the Family Life Centres which provide social, cultural, educational and sport activities which children, young, ladies, adults, people with disabilities and oldies forming a family can spent time all together was put into service for people in 2005 in Ankara. In total, seven family life centres are in service for people in Ankara. 

We visited Eryaman Family Life Centre, got information from the authorities and analysed the Works carried out with our guest. Service areas are formed separately because Family Life Centres provide services for children, young, ladies, adults, people with disabilities and old people. When parents are in any social, cultural or sport activities, they benefit kindergartens or child club for their children; they benefit youth centre for their children between the ages 14-24; they benefit disabilities club if there is any disabled person in the family; they benefit oldies club if there is any old person in the family. Consequently, they can get use their leisure time at the same time, benefit sports activities, participate in various educational courses and seminar programs.

The services provided

  • Social and cultural activities
  • Supportive educational services
  • Health services
  • Sports services
  • Psycho-social supportive services
  • Guidance and counselling servicesender